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4 Sports Careers Sites You Can't Miss

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You can find your dream job here! Get an edge on sports careers with these websites.
Sports Careers Spotlight10

Sports Business Watch : MLB Trade Deadline

MLB Trade Deadline: The Importance of Following Industry News to Develop Your Sports Career

What If It Is Time to Exit Your #SportsCareer?

What If You Leave Your Job in Sports Industry? Some things to consider as you prepare to make the change.

What Does a Publicist Do for an Athlete?

Interview with Jerica Williams, Founder of JACE. She is sports and entertainment publicist and entrepreneur.

4 Keys to Launching a Sports Careers Conference

Starting a Sports Conference: Partnerships, Themes, Speakers, Promotion

3 Great Reasons to Start a Sports Conference

3 Great Reasons to Start a Sports Conference: Sales, Networking, Resume

More Career Lessons from LeBron James

#SportsCareers Lessons from LeBron James' Return to Cleveland

5 Ways High School Students Can Prepare for Careers in Sports

Advice for High School Students Considering #SportsCareers

Building a Brand by Blogging

Interview with Sports Economist David Berri discussing his books and blog Wages of Wins

5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Tips for People Seeking #SportsCareers

4 Reasons to Think Global in Sports Career Search

International Business and Sports Careers: How Thinking Global Can Can Benefit Your Career

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