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Half-Dozen Recession-Proof Sports Career Positions


If finding a sports career with job stability is important to you, there are some relatively recession-proof jobs.

In the latest economic downturn, many people have lost their jobs and others are concerned about the future. Since many people rate job satisfaction as one of the biggest attractions of a sports career, I wouldn't recommend a career shift solely for stability. After all, the economy will continue to have ups and downs.

If you have not decided on a career, are flexible, or place emphasis on stability, perhaps these jobs will prove a match. In your current job, now might be a time to work on these skills.

1. Athletic Trainer/Sports Medicine

Nurses and medical careers consistently score near the top of recession-proof job lists and there are plenty of these types of positions on the sports career side. While some teams and leagues have folded at the professional level, there still are many high school and post secondary school athletes who need medical care and training specific to their sport.

2. Coach/Intramurals Coordinator

Education positions also score high on the recession-proof polls and most coaching positions are tied to teaching, especially at the high school level. While some schools face budget cuts, sports programs typically mean enough to parents and the district that they are continued. As a source of school pride, sports continue to thrive at the college level.

Also, in times of recession, more people attend post-secondary schools which could mean continuing opportunities in intramural sports at four-year and two-year colleges.

3. Accountant

While it might not be the first position many think of as a sports career, teams need to keep track of their finances and that need exists in tough times just as much as it does in good times. While teams and leagues have laid off people and cut back on jobs, the accounting staff typically is needed.

4. Software Design

While teams and leagues are cutting back, I think most of them will continue to commit personnel to their web sites and develop more Web 2.0 Marketing. Experts note that people with the skills to not only design software but also work with staff who need to use the software are especially valuable.

5. Personal Trainer

I’m selecting this position as one of the more recession-proof areas. I think as people face economic instability, they like to turn within and focus on something they can control: their fitness. As stress levels go up at work, a night releasing that stress at the gym becomes more attractive.

6. Sales

Granted, there have been cuts in sales staffs but sales positions continue to score high on stability lists. While some companies, or in this case teams, may lay off salespeople, others will add positions. In tough economic times, it’s more important than ever for sports teams to keep current sponsors and ticket-holders happy while trying to attract new business.

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