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Marquette Law School Offers Sports Certificates


Marquette University Law School's Sports Law program provides students with both a theoretical and practical education that can be applied toward a sports law career.

According to the school, the program is the nation’s most comprehensive offering of sports law courses. Student internships with sports organizations and teams are readily available.

The school offers a broad, well-rounded curriculum in the study of many legal disciplines applied to various aspects of the sports industry.

Admission to the Sports Law Program

There is not a separate application process to the Marquette University Sports Law Program. All students admitted to the school are eligible to enroll in its sports law courses.

Students at the school have the opportunity to participate in the Marquette Sports Law Review and be selected to take part in the internship program, through the National Sports Law Institute.

For admission to the law school, there is no specific undergraduate study requirements. However Marquette offers these tips on law school preparation.

As typical with law schools, applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree, taken the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), and be subscribed to the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS).

Upon graduation from Marquette, students earn the National Sports Law Institute's Sports Law Certificate.

Career Opportunities

From serving as general counsel for teams and leagues to representing players as a sports agent, there are many sports career opportunities for lawyers.

At Marquette, sports law students study specialized areas of law including antitrust, labor, intellectual property, and federal disability discrimination laws. The students develop contract negotiation, business planning, and transactional skills. Even if students do not progress to a sports career, the skills certainly transfer to other legal careers.

Recent Marquette Law School graduates are employed by leagues and organizations like the NCAA and United States Olympic Committee; professional teams like the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Bucks; media outlets like Turner Broadcasting Systems and Street and Smith’s SportsBusiness Daily; and college sports programs like the University of Southern California and DePaul University.

Students may be interested in looking at the career resources page, which lists information on careers in the sports industry.

National Sports Law Institute

The National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School is the only Institute of its kind associated with an American law school. The institute goes beyond instruction to offer research in legal, ethical, and business issues that affect sports, both amateur and professional. The institute welcomes local and national conferences and symposia for sports industry insiders.

The National Sports Law Institute also publishes the Marquette Sports Law Review , which provides information on the sports industry and sports law.

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