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Interviews of People in Sports Careers

People in sports careers talk about their work as well as issues that they have to address while doing their jobs.

What Does a Publicist Do?
Interview with Jerica Williams, Founder of JACE. She is sports and entertainment publicist and entrepreneur.

Building a Brand by Blogging
Interview with Sports Economist David Berri discussing his books and blog Wages of Wins

Want To Blog about Your Favorite Team?
Blogger from Fansided shares #SportsCareers advice

Digital Media Career Advice
Digital Media, Sports Careers, Sales, Major League Soccer

Tech Trends and Sports Careers
Technology and potential Sports Careers

Blogging and Sports Careers: Advice to Get Started
Interview with Jonathan Gordon of SportsAnalyticsBlog.com on blogs, sports business, networking and Analytics

Careers in Training and Strength and Conditioning
Interview with Certified Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist discussing Sports Careers and Training

Associate AD
Interview with NCAA Division I Associate AD discussing his role and careers in sports

Sports Business Academy Launches
Interview with Lou Imbriano of Sports Business Academy discussing Education and Sports Careers

The Transition from Working in Pro Sports to College Athletics
Sports Careers Interview IMG

Sponsorship Professional Offers Career Advice
Sports Careers, Sponsorship, Beverages

How to Prepare for a Sports Career in Social Media
Sports Careers Social Media Oakland Raiders NFL

Trail Blazers Chief Marketing Officer Sara Mensah
SportsBusinessRadio.com recently interviewed Portland Trail Blazers Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Mensah about the team's 40th anniversary promotions.

Baseball Roundtable
SportsBusinessJournal.com has posted an excellent baseball roundtable discussion with leading league and team executives. The group discusses how baseball ticket sales are faring in the difficult economy, sponsorship issues, and how issues like the steroid issue is shaping fan and sponsor opinions of the sport.

Interview of USC football coach Pete Carroll
SportsBusinessRadio.com recently interviewed Pete Carroll, head football coach of the University of Southern California.

NASCAR Chairman Brian France on the 2009 Season
ESPN recently interviewed Brian France on the upcoming 2009 season. The interview also includes a story.

Trail Blazers Executive Discusses Marketing
Portland Trail Blazers Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Mensah discusses the team's 43 straight home sellouts and other issues.

Interview of Sports Agent David Falk
Agent David Falk talks with Darren Rovell.

NFL Commissioner Talks With Fans
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addresses a variety of topics during a chat with fans.

Tavis Smiley Interviews NCAA President Myles Brand
NCAA President covers a range of important topics with interviewer Tavis Smiley.

Conversation With Rep of High School Football Networking Site
Christian Busch, of Takkle.com, talks about the social networking site geared toward high school football.

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