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Finding the Perfect Sports Career

Prepare to fit your interests to your perfect sports career. Investigate the many opportunities in sports careers that match your talents, skills, and interests.

Color Could Provide Sports Career Insight
The Dewey Color System personality test could provide some insight to the career positions that would be your best fit. Dewey is the world's first and only validated, color-based personality career testing instrument.

Sports business more than fun and games
An overview of the $213-billion sports industry along with a listing of the many varied job opportunities working in sports.

Before Making a Career Choice, Assess Yourself
Gathering information about yourself will help you make the right career choice.

Making a Career Choice
How to make a career choice when you're not sure what you want to do.

Personality, aptitude tests can help with career choice
As you search for the perfect sports job, perhaps you are not even sure of what type of career you would find most enjoyable. Personality tests can provide individuals ideas about the types of careers they might find most rewarding.

Sports Career Lessons From NFL Coaches
A look at several NFL head coaches provides some lessons for anyone looking for a sports career position or thinking about moving into a new position.

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