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Sports Careers: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Top U.S. College Sports Business Programs
Links to colleges and universities that provide sports management programs. Programs include associate degrees, undergraduate majors and minors, graduate programs, and law school programs. List is broken down by state.
Basic Information About Athletic Director Jobs
A look at a career as an athletic director at the high school or college level.
Job Profile: Sports Information Director
Sports Information Directors publicize the accomplishments of their school teams or league.
What You Need to Know About Sports Writers
Sports writer job description includes an outline of the career, positives and negatives involved, requirements of for the sports writer, and links to job boards
StubHub Veteran Shares Career Advice
StubHub's Gabby Duno Turner Offers Advice on Interviewing and Other Career Topics
How to Write Cover Letters for Sports Careers
A half-dozen ideas to improve your cover letter targeted to a sports career. Learn about what to include in a cover letter and what not to include.
What Does an Athletic Trainer Really Do?
A profile for a career as an athletic trainer, including a look at responsibilities, average pay, benefits, challenges, and a career outlook.
Writing a Resume for a Career in Sports
In the highly competitive field of sports careers, it's important to write a resume that stands out from the crowd. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish that goal.
Education Requirements for Sports Management...
Education requirements for various positions in sports marketing and management, including master's programs
Why Sports Is a Great Industry for Your Career
8 Reasons to Be Thankful You Work in the Sports Industry
Career and Salary Information for Sports Scouts
A profile of a career as a sports scout, including a look at responsibilities, average pay, benefits, challenges, and a career outlook.
Careers in the NFL: How to Get Started
NFL careers are possible even if you've never played football. Internships are great way to pursue these careers
School Just Start of Sports Career Preparation
In sports careers, higher education is just the start of preparation. It is important to find out-of-school activities to build your experience.
Fantasy Sports, Real Job Opportunities
A look at some of the job opportunities available working in fantasy sports.
How to Become a Sports Agent
A job profile of the position of sports agent offers ideas for preparing for this career, getting started in this career, responsibilities of the job, and pay expectations.
Interview with Publicist Jerica Williams
Interview with Jerica Williams, Founder of JACE explres the role of publicist
Temple University School of Tourism and...
Temple University not only offers undergraduate study in sports management, but students can continue their education at the master's and doctorate levels.
How Can You Launch an Announcing Career?
A look at the sports announcer career with ideas on preparation, career paths, and industry expectations.
5 Tips for an Undergraduate Seeking a Job in...
Five ideas for finding that first job in your sports career path after you graduate from college.
Is a Career as a Fitness Trainer Right for You?
A Look at Careers in Fitness and Personal Training
Top 4 Opportunities in Sports Careers
An overview of the $213-billion sports industry along with a listing of the many varied job opportunities working in sports.
Welcome to About.com Sports Careers!
Sports Careers Advice and Resources
"Bad" Teams Are Full of Opportunities for...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Many college students
Overview of Sports Broadcast Jobs
An overview of the many job positions needed to present a typical television or radio broadcast of a sporting event.
Are You Ready for a Graduate Program in Sports...
What Are the Questions You Should Ask Yourself AND a School before Applying to a Graduate Program in Sports Management?
Ohio University Sports Administration Program
The Ohio University Sports Administration program includes an undergraduate program and a graduate program. Ohio University is known as the cradle of college athletic directors because of its well-established sports administration program
Schools Offer Online Opportunities for Sports...
More schools are offering opportunities to pursue sports career degrees online.
University of San Francisco Sport Management...
An overview of the University of San Francisco Sport Management Program, which caters to working professionals.
Career Lessons Can You Learn from New Dodgers'...
Career Lessons from New Dodgers' Manager Dave Roberts
Washington puts focus on college sports...
The University of Washington offers a master's program that focuses on running an intercollegiate athletic program.
Company Profile: NASCAR
A company profile of NASCAR that includes available jobs, an overview of the stock car racing association, and ideas for getting started. Internships are listed as well as ideas for starting with a team. Includes links to job boards
Seton Hall Boasts Experienced Faculty
Thanks in part to its prime location, Seton Hall University's Center for Sport Management in the Stillman School of Business is an attractive option for sports career preparation.
Sponsorship Careers
Interview with Sponsorship Manager Nestle discussing Sports Careers
Exploring a Career as an Athletic Official
Information on working as a youth sports official or umpire. This article includes a description of the job, ideas on getting started, approximate pay, benefits, and challenges.
The GM Role Is Changing in Pro Sports
The role of general manager is changing in sports. This article explains how and why.
Top 4 Sports Careers Websites
4 Sports Careers Websites You Can't Afford to Miss - resources for pursuing jobs in sports
National Football League Commissioner Roger...
A profile of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who became the league's ninth commissioner in August 2006.
Impact of ESPN Layoffs on Sports Industry
How the Recent Round of ESPN Layoffs Is Reverberating throughout Sports Business
Advice for Sports Careers in Strength and...
Interview with Certified Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist discussing Sports Careers and Training
Color Test Could Provide Sports Career Insight
The Dewey Color System personality test could provide some insight to the career positions that would be your best fit. Dewey is the world's first and only validated, color-based personality career testing instrument.
Blogging and #SportsCareers
Interview with Jonathan Gordon of SportsAnalyticsBlog.com on blogs, sports business, networking and Analytics
Sports Career Lessons From New NFL Coaches
A look at hirings of head coaches by NFL teams provides some lessons for anyone looking for a sports career position or thinking about moving into a new position.
San Diego State Sports MBA
San Diego State University offers students a chance to earn a master of business administration degree with a concentration in sports.
University of Dayton Director of Athletics Tim...
A profile of University of Dayton Director of Athletics Tim Wabler.
5 Ways High School Students Can Prepare for...
Advice for High School Students Considering #SportsCareers
Want a Career in Sports? Here's Where to Start
How to start a sports career. 5 Ways to get started. #SportsCareers Sports Jobs Career Advice
Want a Sales Career? Tips for Choosing an...
Starting Your Career in Sales Requires Finding an Industry You Are Passionate About - and Identifying the Right Firm
Prepare For Job Interview Like a Game
Preparing for an interview is similar to preparing for the big game, putting in the time will make the difference.
NASCAR Chairman Brian France
A profile of NASCAR Chairman Brian France, looking at the NASCAR chairman's background and accomplishments.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's 1981 Cover...
NFL Commissioner started his career with a cover letter inquiring about a job at the NFL offices. What can you learn from his example? Quite a bit.
University of Arizona Offers Race Track...
So you're interested in horse racing school? The University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program prepares students for careers in the pari-mutuel racing sports, like horse racing and greyhound racing.
5 Career Lessons from Shotokan Karate
5 Career Lessons from Shotokan Karate
How Tech Trends and Sports Careers Come Together
Technology and Sports Careers advice from sportstechie.net founder Robert Roble
What Can You Learn from Charles Barkley and...
Media Personalities Charles Barkley and Bill Simmons Are Case Studies on Personal Branding
Part 2: Sports Career Advice from Young...
Early Career Sports Professionals Offer Advice on What They Have Already Learned about the Sports Industry
10 Commandments of Sports Careers
10 Commandments of Sports Careers, Advice, Career Development
Using Informational Interviews to Identify...
Informational Interviews Can Help You Identify Career Opportunities. Read How:
College Athletics Careers
Sports Careers Interview IMG
Networking 101: Tips to Get You Started
Networking 101 for Sports Careers
Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli
Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli brings a legal background to his position.
Associate AD Offers Career Insights
Interview with NCAA Division I Associate AD discussing his role and careers in sports
What You Can Learn From a Sports Internship May...
Internships Can Teach Valuable Lessons. Recent Interns Share Their Post-Internship Insights.
How Playing Sports and Working in Minor League...
San Diego Padres Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Jarrod Dillon shares his early career experiences and advice for today's sports industry job seekers
TED Talks an effective tool in stimulating your...
Ted Talks Expose You to New Ideas - and Can Boost Your Career
Half-Dozen Recession-Proof Sports Career...
A look at six recession-proof sports career jobs.
This Book Is "Must Have" If You Want to Work in...
Why You Should Add Mullin, Hardy and Sutton's Sport Marketing to Your #CareerLibrary
Social Media Careers
Sports Careers Social Media Oakland Raiders NFL
Becky Hammon and for Opportunities Women in...
The Hiring of Becky Hammon as an Assistant Coach May Be a Watershed Moment in #SportsCareers
Chip Kelly's Career Has Lessons You Can Apply...
NFL coach's rise from relative obscurity to household name has implications for your career
Ducks' Coach Career Filled with Great Lessons
Oregon Football Coach Mark Helfrich's Career Path Provides Lessons on Developing a Career in Any Field
Understanding How Passion Can Hurt or Hinder...
Sports Careers Advice about Passion, featuring Adam Braun and Mark Cuban
Career Advice Embedded in Book on Social Media
#CareerLibrary Series continues with Amy Jo Martin's Renegades Write the Rules: How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to Innovate
Marquette Law School Offers Sports Certificates
A profile of the Marquette University Law School's Sports Law program, which offers a broad, well-rounded curriculum in the study of many legal disciplines applied to various aspects of the sports industry.
SportsBusiness Journal a Favorite of Sports...
A profile of Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal, a weekly trade magazine that covers the sports industry.
Five Ideas for Improving Your Resume
I have outlined some common problems I have seen in resumes that I have read. Perhaps some of these problems will spark ideas for improving your own resume.
How Virtual Reality Is Revolutionizing Sports...
Virtual Reality for Football Training - The Future Is Now
Let LinkedIn Help You Manage Career Relationshi...
Companies Use CRM to Deepen Relationships - You Should Be Using the Same Approach to Identify Career Opportunities
Want to Work in Sports Analytics? Insights from...
Dean Oliver, Father of Basketball Analytics, shares sports career advice
4 Keys to Launching a Sports Careers Conference
Starting a Sports Conference: Partnerships, Themes, Speakers, Promotion
UNC Charlotte Offers Motorsports Elective
Located in a NASCAR hotbed, the University of North Carolina Charlotte offers sports management and marketing as part of its MBA program.
Practical Advice for Making Informational...
5 Tips to Make Your Informational Interview a Success
Sports Psychology Programs
A brief outline of sports psychology programs.
5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Tips for People Seeking #SportsCareers
How Changing Sports Technology Creates...
How Technology Revolution Is Creating Sports Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities with the NFLPA
Profile of National Football League Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and a look at the NFLPA and career opportunities with the organization.
NBA Commissioner David Stern
Since becoming National Basketball Association commissioner in 1984, David Stern has guided the NBA through its most successful era. Stern's background is in law. He holds a law degree from Columbia Law School and served as general counsel for the NBA before becoming commissioner.
Commencement 2015: Simple Advice for Graduates
5 Tips for Graduates: Old School Behaviors
A book to help you become a better influencer
The #CareerLibrary series continues with Robert Cialdini's Influence: Science and Practice
Can Online Courses Help Newcomers Develop...
How Taking Online Courses Can Help You in Pursuit of Sports Careers
New CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge
New Canadian Football League Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge Talks about His Career at Stanford Sports Innovation Conference
College Hoops Openings Attracting NBA Coaches
College Basketball Coaches and the NBA
Career Curveballs: How Can You Be Ready?
Career Advice and Career Planning
Why You Should Attend SMA Conference
Preview of the Sports Marketing Association Conference in Philadelphia and What to Expect
Tips on Sports Internships from a Veteran of...
Student Reflects on What He Learned from Sports Business Internships
How Can Twitter Help Your Career?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >If you are looking
Understanding What the NFL Draft Tells Us about...
The NFL Draft and Career Opportunities
Career Library: You Should Read Gary Vaynerchuk...
#CareerLibrary Recommendation: Gary Vaynerchuk's Crush It!
7 Sports Careers "Must-Reads"
Key books to read to bolster your sports career, including selections from Mark Cuban, Amy Jo Martin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Cialdini, Michael Lewis.
Want to Know the Hot Sports Careers in Ten Years?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Well, the tantalizing
6 Tips to Help You Win the Interview
6 Interviewing Tips: Do Your Homework, Dress for Success, Answer Their Questions, Ask Your Questions, Close Strong, Follow Up
Part 1: Interview with Sports Media Veteran...
Interview with NBA sports media veteran Jimmy Spencer
On the Importance of Grades in Early Career...
Do Grades Matter to Employers? Sports Careers.
4 Career Lessons from LeBron James
4 Career Lessons from LeBron James. #SportsCareers Manage your Career Like a Superstar
Don't Make This LinkedIn Mistake
LinkedIn Invitations and a Common Mistake Users Make
Parkour and Business: Evolve, Evaluate Risk,...
Business and Career Lessons from Parkour
Want to Work in Minor League Baseball?
Interview with Sonoma Stompers GM and Chief Operating Officer Theo Fightmaster
3 Ways Picking Up a New Hobby Can Boost Your...
How New Hobbies and Activities Can Help You Achieve Career Success - It May Be in Ways You Have Never Considered
IE Sports Analytics Summit Review
Innovation Enterprise Sports Analytics Summit shines light on emerging analytics trends
Understanding the Importance of New College...
The Business Side of the First College Football Championship Game
Gary Bettman, National Hockey League commissioner
A profile of National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, who served as general counsel for the National Basketball League before becoming the NHL's first commissioner.
SportsBusiness Journal Names 50 Most Influential
A link to profiles of SportsBusiness Journal's 50 most influential people in sports business for 2008.
Major League Baseball Offers Umpire Camps
Major League Baseball offers umpire camps for amateur umpires interested in making the jump to the professional level or improving their skills in general.
Digital Media Career Advice
Career Advice from MLS Digital Media Professional
Sports Business 2014 Wrap Up
6 #SportsBiz Articles to send you into 2015
3 Great Reasons to Start a Sports Conference
3 Great Reasons to Start a Sports Conference: Sales, Networking, Resume
Dressing for Success at Work
Proper work attire, especially in a sports career, can vary widely. Here are some general guidelines.
Pittsburgh Pirates Special Assistant Marc...
A profile of Pittsburgh Pirates special assistant Marc Delpiano
Associate AD Tells How He Started His Career In...
Sonoma State Associate Athletics Director Brandon Bronzan shares how he started his career in sports
Washington Huskies Football Coach Steve Sarkisian
A profile of University of Washington head football coach Steve Sarkisian.
Blogging about a Sports Team: Advice from a Pro
Blogger from Fansided shares #SportsCareers advice
University of Arizona Men’s Basketball...
A career profile of University of Arizona Men’s Basketball Coach Sean Miller.
Being a Student Manager for Collegiate Athletic...
A look at how being a student manager in the athletic department can start a sports career
Should You Be Yourself or Be Adaptable at Work?
How Being Yourself and Being Adaptable Are Both Good Traits in Developing Your Career
Early Career Professional Offers Advice
Casey Miller of the Positive Coaching Alliance shares four tips for young professionals and talk about how graduate school helped launch her career
Golf Academy of America
The Golf Academy of America offers specific programs geared toward preparing students for careers in the $76 billion-a-year golf industry.
Manage Your Career Like a Champion
A Look at San Francisco Giants' Manager Bruce Bochy as a Career Role Model
Video Board
A stadium-design profile of the Dallas Cowboys stadium. The $1.15-billion Cowboys Stadium was completed in May 2009. Page 4.
From Student Manager to USA Basketball Men's...
USA Basketball Men's National Team Director Sean Ford reflects on his career starting as a student manager at Villanova
Sports Career Panel Advice from #SSAC15
Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Career Panelists offer advice on landing a job in sports
Sport Sales Combine: An Inside Look
Inside Look at Sport Sales Combine - An Interview with Bob Hamer, Former Phoenix Suns VP of Ticket Sales & Service
#SportsCareers Lessons from LeBron James'...
#SportsCareers Lessons from LeBron James' Return to Cleveland
Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke
A profile of Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke
Sacramento Kings General Counsel Jason Levien
A profile of Sacramento Kings General Counsel Jason Levien
5 Lessons from Jim Harbaugh
5 Career Lessons Taken from the Career of Football Coach Jim Harbaugh
Why You Need to Know Andrew Friedman
Why The Dodgers' Hiring of Andrew Friedman Is a Watershed Moment in Sports Business
Auburn Football Coach Gene Chizik
A profile of Auburn football coach Gene Chizik
Denver Nuggets Vice President of Basketball...
Denver Nuggets Vice President of Basketball Operations Mark Warkentien started his NBA work in scouting.
Strong Letter, Resume Can Open Doors
This About.com article will help you write and effective resume and cover letter.
University of Central Florida, DeVos Sport...
The University of Central Florida, DeVos Sport Business Management program gives students the opportunity to earn a master's degree in sport business management.
The O'Bannon Case: What You Need to Know
A Look at The O'Bannon vs NCAA trial and its importance for those working in sports business. #SportsBiz #SportsCareers
How To Succeed In Sports Business and Sales
Interview with Jarrod Dillon, San Diego Padres Vice President of Corporate Sponsorship on Sports Careers
Sports Business Academy Launches
Interview with Lou Imbriano of Sports Business Academy Discussing Education and Sports Careers
Toronto Maple Leafs Senior Vice President of...
A profile of the National Hockey League’s Toronto Maple Leafs' senior vice president of hockey operations David Nonis.
Cheerleader and Dance Squad Profile
Cheerleaders and members of dance squads receive little in pay but typically enjoy being part of the professional sports scene.
Preparing for a Sports Career Interview
Advice on preparing for an interview to land a sports career position.
Braun Racing Crew Chief Zipadelli
A profile of NASCAR SPRINT Cup Team Braun Racing's crew chief Scott Zipadelli
Career Lessons from Rollie Massimino
Rollie Massimino's career peaked thirty years ago with an NCCA title, but continues to offer valuable career lessons for sports business professionals
Making the Most of Your Sports Career Internship
Selecting the right sports career internship for you can go a long way toward getting your foot in the industry's door.
Spend Your Time Wisely in School to Prep for...
Career Planning at the Start of the School Year - How to Set Yourself up for Success
Career Lessons from NFL Legend
Career Lessons from Bill Belichick - And How They Can Help Your Career

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