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Career Paths in the Sports Industry

Whether you are interested in playing in the National Football League or officiating youth soccer part-time, you will find information for a wide range of sports careers here.

More Career Lessons from LeBron James
#SportsCareers Lessons from LeBron James' Return to Cleveland

How Can High School Students Prepare for Careers in Sports?
Advice for High School Students Considering #SportsCareers

4 Career Lessons from LeBron James
4 Career Lessons from LeBron James #SportsCareers

4 Reasons to Think Global in Sports Career Search
International Business and Sports Careers

Want To Blog about Your Favorite Team?
Blogger from Fansided shares #SportsCareers advice

Digital Media Career Advice
Digital Media, Career Advice, Sports Careers, Internships

Associate AD
Interview with NCAA Division I Associate AD discussing his role and careers in sports.

Career Curveballs
Career Advice and Career Planning

The Transition from Working in Pro Sports to College Athletics
Sports Careers Interview IMG

Sponsorship Professional Offers Career Advice
Careers, Sponsorship, Beverages,

How to Prepare for a Sports Career in Social Media
Sports Careers Social Media Oakland Raiders NFL

Overview of Sports Broadcast Jobs
An overview of the many job positions needed to present a typical television or radio broadcast of a sporting event.

Cheerleader and Dance Squad Profile
Cheerleaders and members of dance squads receive little in pay but typically enjoy being part of the professional sports scene.

Athletic Director Job Profile
A look at a career as an athletic director at the high school or college level.

Job Profile: Sports Announcer
A look at the sports announcer career with information on preparation, career paths, and industry expectations.

Fantasy Sports, Real Job Opportunities
A look at some of the job opportunities available working in fantasy sports.

Career Profile: Fitness Trainer
Tremendous growth is expected in the field of fitness instruction through 2016.

Job Profile: Sports Information Director
Sports Information Directors publicize the accomplishments of their school teams or league.

Job Profile: Sports Agent
A job profile of the position of sports agent offers ideas for preparing for this career, getting started in this career, responsibilities of the job, and pay expectations.

Company profile: National Football League
A look at the National Football League and some of the various jobs available working for the lucrative league or its teams.

Job Profile: Athletic Trainer
A job profile for a career as an athletic trainer, including a look at responsibilities, average pay, benefits, challenges, and a career outlook.

Job Profile: Sports Scout
A job profile for a career as a sports scout, including a look at responsibilities, average pay, benefits, challenges, and a career outlook.

Half-Dozen Recession-Proof Sports Career Positions
A look at six recession-proof sports careers.

Job Profile: Sports Writer
Today's sports writers go far beyond recapping games. They engage readers with in-depth reports on teams, leagues, and athletes. Sports writers dig deep to find stories that put fans on the field, in the locker room, and in the team offices.

Company Profile: NASCAR
From careers within the NASCAR offices, to opportunities at its tracks or with its racing teams, many talented individuals are needed to keep stock car racing in the fast lane.

Job Profile: Youth Sports Official
Sports officials and umpires for youth sports typically find their work to be gratifying and it can even provide a nice bit of extra income. It does require a cool personality and proper training.

Fitness Workers and Personal Trainers
Information on a career as a fitness worker or personal trainer provided by the United States Department of Labor.

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