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Getting a Job in the Sports Industry

A search for specific, current career opportunities in the sports industry through job listings, internship information, and employment resources categorized by sport and by job.

3 Great Reasons to Start a Sports Conference
3 Great Reasons to Start a Sports Conference

4 Keys to Launching a Sports Careers Conference
Starting a Sports Conference Partnerships, Themes, Speakers, Promotion

5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Tips for People Seeking #SportsCareers

Networking 101: Tips to Get You Started
Networking 101 for Sports Careers, Shy People, LinkedIn, Facebook

How Can High School Students Prepare for Careers in Sports?
Advice for High School Students Considering #SportsCareers

4 Sports Careers Websites You Can't Afford to Miss
4 Sports Careers Websites You Can't Afford to Miss - Resources for pursuing jobs in sports

4 Career Lessons from LeBron James
4 Career Lessons from LeBron James #SportsCareers

Blogging and Sports Careers: Advice to Get Started
Interview with Jonathan Gordon of SportsAnalyticsBlog.com on blogs, sports business, networking and Analytics

5 Ways to Launch A Sports Career (Part 1)
How to start a sports career. 5 Ways to get started. #SportsCareers Sports Jobs Career Advice

5 Ways to Launch A Sports Career (Part 2)
Career Advice for Launching a Career in Sports including Networking, Sales, Personal Branding, Graduate School

Careers in Training and Strength and Conditioning
Interview with Certified Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist discussing Sports Careers and Training

Six Steps to Improving Your Sports Career Cover Letter
A half-dozen ideas to improve your cover letter targeted to a sports career.

Ten Commandments of Successful Sports Careers Search
10 Commandments of Sports Careers, Advice, Career Development

Is Passion Enough?
Sports Careers and Passion. Career Advice. Mark Cuban

#ESPNCareers Chat Summary and Observations
ESPN Career Chat, Twitter Chats, Career Advice, Sports Careers, Sports Jobs, Sports Internships

Prepare For Job Interview Like a Game
Preparing for an interview is similar to preparing for the big game, putting in the time will make the difference.

Find a Sports Career Position
If you're ready to move into a sports career, here are some ideas on job hunting as well as profiles of sports careers. Also you'll find some resources to keep you on top of sports industry events as well as profiles of top leagues and teams.

Writing your Sports Career Resume
In the highly competitive field of sports careers, it's important to write a resume that stands out from the crowd. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish that goal.

Five Ideas for Improving Your Resume
I have outlined some common problems I have seen in resumes that I have read. Perhaps reviewing some of these problems will spark ideas for improving your own resume.

Strong Letter, Resume Can Open Doors
After you have found a sports career that interests you, a well-crafted resume and cover letter will help open doors.

Preparing for an Interview
Advice for an effective job interview.

Making a Decision on a Job Offer
Advice for after you receive a job offer. It is important to make an informed decision.

Samples of Resumes, Cover Letters
Review sample resumes and letters to get ideas for both the formatting and the content of your job search materials.

Best Job Search Sites
The best job search sites to find listings, including full-time jobs, entry-level jobs, and part-time jobs.

NCAA Job Board
The National Collegiate Athletic Association, which governs participating college and university sports programs, maintains a job board for its offices.

Job Board for Sports Writers
The Associated Press Sports Editors maintains a job board for sports writers and editors.

NASCAR Job Boards
NASCAR maintains links to jobs in the association, at tracks, and for racing teams.

Welcome to About.com Sports Careers!
Sports Careers Advice and Resources

Tech Trends and Sports Careers
Careers in Sports that feature technology

Athletic Trainer Job Board
The National Athletic Trainers Association maintains a job board for its members. You must be an NATA member to access the board.

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